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November, 2009

Hello everybody!

Happy Thanksgiving! This is our November design newsletter where I would like to talk about one of the most influential design elements – your wall art, or to be more specific – paintings or images that you hang on your walls.
Also, I would like to give you some ideas for your holiday shopping in our GREEN NEWS section below.

Last August, I had an incredible opportunity to visit a French exhibit of one of the most renowned American artists of our time - Daniel Merriam. The exhibit took place in CHATEAU DE BELCASTEL, a French medieval castle in the small town of Belcastel in the South of France. Today I’d like to share with you some images from the exhibit.

Truly yours, EKATERINA KOHLWES principal / designer



Most of us have become quite familiar with the Law of Attraction or “The Secret” (book and movie.) The theory of creating a “visualization board” which will bring all your wishes to life has become almost a well-known and accepted fact. It’s as simple as this: whatever you place in front of you every day will become your reality in the future. Can it also be true to what you see on your walls every day as your art? Some psychologists say: yes. I am not a psychologist, but I’ve decided to take down a painting from a wall that was done by an old friend of mine a few years ago. The technique of the painting is fantastic! But in the painting, I look about 20 years older, which is not something I want to attract!

Images Create Emotions

When I propose what to add as an accent on walls of your business or in your house, I try to be very selective in my recommendations. Images and paintings will trigger psychological reactions and send messages to your clients or to occupants of a house. These images will become a part of your everyday life and will create particular ongoing emotions. Try to add images to prompt feelings that you would want to create in your house or business in the future. Maybe it’s time to get rid of that old painting of a lonely old house or a photograph of an empty dark street from your bedroom and replace it with something a little more dreamy and optimistic that will determine your destiny!

"Destiny" by Daniel Merriam (Dimensions, HxW: 24"x36".)

Today I would like to share some images of one of my favorite American painters - Daniel Merriam. “Daniel Merriam's paintings are dreams in full color. They beckon for the viewer to join a journey into the imagination, where the worlds of reality and fantasy collide in an explosion of color, shapes and symbolism. His unique style is the product of solid technical skills, an illustrator's precision and a story teller's sense of pace.” I could not agree more. From a designer’s perspective, every dreamer longing for a lavish life, fantastic travels, romantic love and much more will want to add Daniel’s art to his or her collection. Daniel Merriam’s art is constantly growing in price and becomes a smart investment for us savvy people.

"Master of Ceremonies" by Daniel Merriam (Dimensions, HxW: 14.25"x14.5"
Total Edition: 150.)

Chateau Belcastel Exhibit - Summer 2009

I was fortunate to visit Daniel Merriam’s exhibit in Belcastel, France this past August. His art became a fantastic complement to a medieval castle where it was displayed. The Belcastel castle is filled with history and magic. Incredible views open up from the windows above onto the valley and a small village down below. The views and the setting had a dreamy feeling similar to the ones Daniel’s paintings give to its viewers. I was overwhelmed with the setting and the overall experience.

Castle Belcastel in France where exhibit of Daniel Merriam took place in August 2009.

The Château de Belcastel is an 11th century fortress, which stands today thanks to the incredible restoration work of France's renowned architect Fernand Pouillon. Pouillon breathed new life into the Château in the 1970s, strengthening its past and insuring its future for centuries to come.
There is a lot to see at the Château de Belcastel, including its original moat (with some parts of it turned into a quite contemporary swimming pool,) a dozen rooms, 5 courtyards, and unrivaled panoramic views of the Aveyron river. The castle also houses a collection of original 16th century armor, and numerous contemporary galleries inspired by Animazing Gallery in SoHo, New York.

Castle Belcastel interior, France. Daniel Merriam's art complements the medieval interior of the castle.

Latest Work By Daniel Merriam

Daniel’s newest collection inspired by France was released in limited edition prints. Limited addition prints by Daniel Merriam are as valuable as your originals and will go up in price with time. “These new works are part of my “painted ladies” series inspired by the time spent in France and my interest in costume designs for the opera and ballet. I hope you enjoy them as much as I have.” Daniel Merriam.

Local TV station interviewing Daniel at work, Belcastel, France, August 2009.

"Center Stage " by Daniel Merriam was inspired by France, 2009 (Dimensions, HxW: 36"x24"
Total Edition: 100

To order any paintings or limited addition prints by Daniel Merriam you can contact him directly at: phone: (415) 336-7507
Or you can also contact Mindful Design Consulting to help with your art selection at: phone: (858) 733-2445


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