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December, 2009

Happy Holidays everybody!

This is our December design newsletter where I'd like to share a few before and after images of 2009 projects by Mindful Design Consulting.
Also, in our Green News, check out a new ride of George Clooney!

As the New Year 2010 approaches it makes every business owner to re-evaluate the core of their business and to imagine the "perfect" clients we would like to have in the upcoming year. I just wanted to remind you what Mindful Design Consulting is all about. Maybe this year we can help your business to be and look its best!

Truly yours, EKATERINA KOHLWES principal / designer



Mindful Design Consulting is the future of the design industry transforming commercial and living spaces across continents. We create spaces that make their occupants healthier physically and emotionally. To make people happier and healthier we use our combined expertise on how architecture affects the human brain as well as our knowledge on green construction materials and methods. If we spend half of our lives in our businesses and offices, why not make it an enjoyable space to be in?

Happy New Year everybody and we wish it to be a prosperous year for you and for Mindful Design Consulting! Enjoy the show!

Hair Salon "Hairspray"

This small salon needed not only a new facelift, it desperately needed a business identity! The salon's overall floor plan was unecessarily divided into a few small rooms, making the space look small. The walls were painted into a wild pallet of colors. The salon's space was not utilized to its full potential. The good news was a substantial ceiling height which allowed to archive interested lighting effects and to create a relaxing atmosphere for customers. Clean lines, the natural cozy feeling of wood and splashes of bright colors created a unique look of the space. Sexy images framed on walls are attractive and inspiring.

Hair Salon - "Hairspray" - AFTER

Do not underestimate the power of images you place on the walls of your business. As I discussed before, images you show to your clients will become a part of your branding.

Images for your walls can be purchased from any on-line stock-photos websites like this one

Law Office of Virginia Webber

Virginia Webber, an estate planning and business attorney, wanted to freshen up the look of her office and to create a feminine comfortable atmosphere for her visitors. The existing space lacked a character or a sense of a professional law office. One of the design goals was to preserve a familiar and “home like” sensation for the estate planning clients.

We selected yellow tones for the walls to bring more light and joyful feelings to visitors. The white trim framing each room also added more light and traditional character to the office. We’ve specified paintings by Daniel Merriam to bring desired femininity and weightlessness to the overall design. The front desk was designed by a local furniture designer/builder Mario Villalobos.

Lobby of Law Office of Virginia Webber - AFTER

NineClouds Store Front Redesign

An old store needed a fresh look and to attract passers-by . The existing signage was outdated and the overall look of the building did not have any appeal. The store is visible from a near by road but how would you make it more inviting? The store name signage did not tell a story of the product.

After analyzing NineClouds' product and the overall branding of the store we came up with the new store front idea. Images of jumping kids in clouds playfully illustrate softness of the beds. A new acrylic sign was added on the corner of the building as well. New acrylic lit-up panels were applied around the store windows to complement the existing building’s design.

NineClouds' store front - AFTER


This leading man not only earns Oscars but also a prime spot on the cover of Vanity Fair's first green issue. In association with his award-winning role in Syriana, Clooney launched Oil Change, a campaign to say good night and good luck to America's dependence on oil. And to drive the point home, he's frequently seen out and about with his eco-friendly Tango electric car, which is a commuter's dream car. The revolutionary Tango combines the speed and agility of a motorcycle with the security of a high-performance sports car. To most, it really looks like a regular car which was slightly squished on the sides to make it go between two lanes in traffic. Look for yourself HERE!







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